What to Look for in a Used Pickup

What to Look for in a Used Pickup

What to Look for in a Used Pickup

The time has finally come. You are now in the thick of a used pickup truck search, and you’ve found that there are so many features and options to consider, it’s hard to know what your final decision should be.  The first thing to ask is, what are you looking for in a used truck? What is the top priority…towing ability? Bed size? Passenger capacity? Technology? Budget? Make a checklist of the deal-breaker first. If you must have room for more than one passenger, you know you will be looking at a quad cab. If you have a large towing requirement, you may need to focus on a Heavy-duty model. No matter what you need out of a pickup truck, it’s vital that you have a checklist of things that you’re looking for as you go through your search. There is no bigger mistake than just walking into a dealership without something in mind. That is why, as you continue reading down below, you’ll hopefully get a better idea of the things you should be looking out for in your used truck search!

What are the key factors in a pickup truck?

The very first thing you need to decide is how much passenger capacity you’re looking for. There are many different cab sizes out there, and once you widdle this town, that dramatically changes what trucks you should be keeping an eye out for. Typically, two-person cabs are cheaper, but if you have a family, it might be prudent to have a larger cab. The next important thing is the engine. Many people turn to trucks in order to do most of their towing, and if that is the case with you, then it will be extra vital to buy a truck that has the kind of performance you need for towing heavy loads or handling rough terrain. If you just want something for light daily use, then it might be okay to go for a smaller-sized engine. With almost every truck, the next question becomes, do you need two-wheel or four-wheel drive? For that, you need to ask yourself what you are intending on using the truck for. For someone needing a truck for off-roading, or extra traction, it’s highly recommended that you find a 4×4 truck. Finally, decide how long of a bed you need. Long, short, whatever sounds like it matches your needs.

What trucks do we have to offer?

Now that you’ve learned about certain aspects of a truck that you should be deciding on, it’s time to look through our own inventory to tell you what these models have to offer. Here at CMA’s Honda of Winchester, we feature a variety of models. You are sure to find some Honda Ridgeline options in stock. The Ridgeline is an excellent light-duty pickup that is loaded with comfort and convenience features and technology. We also often have on our lot used pickups from other top brands such as Ford, Ram, Chevy, and Nissan!

Find a used pickup truck in Winchester VA

Are you interested in seeing these trucks that we have to offer? Check out our full used truck inventory right online. Buying a used truck doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be incredibly easy as long as you have a checklist of features that you know you want. We hope to see you at our dealership soon!