Do I Need a Sunroof in My New Car?

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Sunroof vs. moonroof: What Is the Difference?  

Moonroofs or sunroofs are now standard on many vehicles. Are you trying to figure out which of these options is best for you? Or do I even need a sunroof in my new car? Continue reading this article by CrossPointe Motor Cars to learn sunroof vs. moonroof: what is the difference? After that, you may assess if you require one and browse our used vehicle inventory with sunroofs and moonroofs here in Winchester, VA!  

Sunroof vs. Moonroof: Which one do I need?  

When deciding between a moonroof and a sunroof, the ideal option is to go with a roof that you can see through, and that glides all the way open at the touch of a button. Many of the better sunroofs and moonroofs will also tilt with the help of an electric motor to let in the fresh air and provide a wonderful view of the surroundings.  

Sunroof vs. Moonroof: What’s the Difference?  

Historically, sunroof and moonroof were two distinct concepts. With a sunroof, when the roof is closed, it means that no light or air may enter. It’s essentially a sunshade. A moonroof, on the other hand, is a transparent glass sunroof. However, because practically no one sells a car with a moveable opaque “sunroof” these days, the terms are used interchangeably.  

Different Types of Moonroofs and Sunroofs  

  1. Built-in roofs often allow you to raise the back of the panel to vent or exhaust air from the inside, or you may slide the panel fully open and stow it between the roof and the headliner.  

Ford Panoramic Sunroof

  1. Spoiler roofs have the same popup vent option, but it remains above the roof as it glides back when opened.  

  1. Open-up roofs simply pop up at the rear to vent and, in certain situations, allow for the removal and storage of the complete panel. They were trendy in the automotive aftermarket.  

  1. Lamella roofs have a lot of glass or opaque panels that can vent and then slide back like Venetian blinds. The Mercedes ML-Class and Pontiac G6 both have lamella roofs, but both had issues with the design.  

  1. Panoramic roofs cover most of the roof of the car, whereas typical moonroofs or sunroofs do not. A panoramic moonroof may be included as standard equipment or offered as an option.  

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