Honda TrailSport Capability

Honda TrailSport Capability

Honda TrailSport Capability

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From off-road capability to rugged styling and high-contrast stitching, the Honda TrailSport editions are engineered for all drivers with a sense of adventure. TrailSport vehicles are always there to rise to the challenge of any terrain or weather, which means they can go over any surface in any condition. Below we will go over how capable these Honda TrailSports are and some of the features they provide to all their drivers. Once you are done reading, head down to CMA’s Honda of Winchester and check out all our Honda TrailSport vehicles!

All-Wheel-Drive Systems

All of Honda’s all-wheel-drive systems are designed to tackle all the lousy weather Virginia can throw at you, the roughest terrain, and the biggest jobs. It does this by channeling the available power where and when you need it the most. The TrailSports all-wheel-drive capabilities will be included in all future TrailSport versions. In addition, the all-wheel-drive capability will help you power through challenging conditions by using many sensors and other inputs. Honda offers two different all-wheel-drive systems, Real Time AWD and intelligent Variable Torque Management. Both are set to deliver instantaneous power to the rear wheels, enhancing overall stability. Meanwhile, the i-VTM4 system adds torque vectoring, giving you more control!

Traction Management

Road conditions are constantly changing due to the weather, and with the simple push of a button, the Intelligent Traction Management system kicks into high gear. The Pilot and the Passport all-wheel-drive systems come with a Mud and Sand mode, while the Ridgeline, which has all-wheel-drive standard, comes with both those modes plus a Snow mode. These modes will adjust the throttle,  shifting, torque distribution and Vehicle Stability Assist to adjust to the terrain. Continuing your momentum is essential in certain situations with a ton of mud, and Mud mode delays upshifts for some increased wheel torque and adjust VSA to give you more wheel slip. In addition, soft sand driving will call for a more aggressive pedal tuning to minimize throttle delay. Sand mode will also upshift for more wheel torque!

Unibody Construction and Advanced Suspension Systems

The TrailSport models, such as the TrailSport, are unique for their smooth-riding unibody cab and bed, which has an integrated frame stronger than most other vehicles. In addition, approximately 45% of the body-on-frame uses special high-strength and ultra-strength steel that will add more rigidity without undue weight. Also, with the independent multi-link suspensions, Honda Trailspport SUVs and trucks provide drivers and passengers with smooth rides; they are also built for off-road as it makes easy work of dirt and gravel.

Advanced Towing and Engines That are Built to Last

The Trailsprt versions of the  Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline all come with i-VTM4 AWD systems capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds via the powerful V6 engines. This is enough power to tow a 24-foot camper, a trailer with two side-by-sides, or a 22-foot boat. Also, when you look under the hood of the Ridgeline, Pilot, and Passport TrailSport, you will find the same engine used to power the 550 horsepower, twin-turbocharged Ridgeline Baja race truck through hundreds and hundreds of miles of desert. This is truly engineering at its finest!

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Trust us when we tell you there is nothing like getting behind the wheel of a Honda TrailSport! The engines are incredibly powerful, with three different modes to handle all kinds of weather and terrain, and the unibody construction is wonderfully durable. Don’t just take our word for it; find out how unique these vehicles are for yourself by heading down to CMA’s Honda of Winchester and scheduling a test drive with our team. One of the members can even accompany you on the test drive, so you can get the feel of all that Honda has to offer you! Can’t join us at the dealership right now? That’s perfectly fine! You can view our complete Honda inventory here on our website!