Honda Passport Service Schedule Virginia

Honda Passport Service Schedule Virginia

Honda Passport Service Schedule Virginia

Schedule Service for Your Honda Vehicle in Winchester

When you own a vehicle as impressive as the Honda Passport, nothing becomes as important as keeping it in as pristine condition as possible. That’s why, here at CMA’s Honda of Winchester, we are doing everything in our power to provide you with what you need to make your Passport last. Today we are focused on bringing you more information on a suggested service schedule that you can follow. When you have regular maintenance with your vehicle, you end up with something that will last longer than the alternative, which is a vehicle that is left to decay and cause you problems. One thing we want to note is that everyone is going to have a slightly varied service schedule for their vehicle, depending on their own driving habits. Keep reading down below to learn about this service schedule example!

7,500 miles

The first major interval that we are introducing you to today is what happens every 7,500 miles. Again, depending on how often you drive, and how you drive, this could be anywhere from twice a year to once a year. All of that is something worth discussing with our service technicians. However, when you do hit around this mileage, we recommend getting the oil and oil filter completely changed out. We also highly recommend a tire rotation, as that will work hard to keep your tires wearing evenly. Skipping out on a tire rotation could mean having to buy completely new tires way before you normally should have to. Our technicians will also take the time to perform a cursory look at the vehicle and make sure that no problems seem to be forming.

30,000 miles

You’ve made it to the next interval! Beyond just focusing on what happens every 7,500 miles, a few other services are extra necessary to ensure that your Passport continues to run smoothly. This includes replacing the air cleaner element, which will keep the interior of your vehicle fresh and clean. Beyond things like the brakes and suspension being inspected, the drive belts and valve clearance will also be looked at to make sure that they are functioning the way that they should. We also highly recommend getting your fluids, such as brake and coolant, completely changed out for something fresh.

90,000 miles

The final addition to this suggested service schedule that we are making hits at 90,000 miles. When you reach this point, you should have the transmission fluid and brake fluid completely switched out. We also highly recommend having items replaced in your Passport such as the spark plugs, and timing belt. You may also need to have the water pump replaced, though our technicians can give you a much clearer answer once the time comes. Beyond that, you will still have your vehicle looked over closely to find any issues, and we know that our technicians will get the job done.

Schedule Service Appointment at CMA’s Honda of Winchester

We believe that now is the perfect time to get your schedule started! All you have to do is schedule a service appointment and our team will get started on keeping your Passport on the road for as long as possible. Nothing matters more to us than our customers and their Honda vehicles. We hope that we will see you here soon, and that you will be able to trust us long into the future.

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