Honda CR-V Service Schedule Winchester VA

Honda CR-V Service Schedule

Honda CR-V Service Schedule

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The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular crossover SUVs on the road! This five-seat vehicle offers plenty of space for the whole family to stretch out and get comfortable, and it has a certain sportiness that makes it truly enjoyable to drive. Plus, it has a plethora of safety features that allow you to drive with confidence. The CR-V has been a mainstay within the Honda family for years, and it remains a strong contender within the automotive market to this day. One of the best parts about being a Honda owner is that you can rely on your vehicle to continue working for you for years to come. While it’s important to have a strong foundation in a strong and reliable vehicle like the CR-V you can also do your part to ensure the health and longevity of your vehicle! Keep reading down below as we fill you in on how to care for your Honda CR-V!

What is a Service Schedule?

As you’re probably already aware, each car will require a wide variety of different services over the course of your ownership. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, it will require a different sort of care. For example, not all cars will require the same services, and they will also require those services at different times. Keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance could get confusing, and that’s where a service schedule comes in! When you use a service schedule, you can easily keep track of your vehicle’s needs based on your mileage, rather than having to keep track of specific dates. Read on to learn more about the service schedule for the Honda CR-V!

CR-V Service Schedule

7,500 Miles
This is the first major milestone in your car’s ownership! A typical driver will usually hit 7,500 miles around the 6-month mark. At this point, you’ll want to get an oil change, and rotate your tires. You’ll also want to make sure your tire treads, and tire pressure are both in good shape. Your mechanic will also check your brakes, to make sure they’re still in good health, and top up any fluids that need it. These services form the foundation of your maintenance, and you’ll repeat them every 7,500 miles!
25,000 Miles
Next up, we’ll discuss the services that you’ll want to perform at the 25,000-mile mark. Once your car reaches that point, your service appointment will include some new checkpoints. For example, your mechanic will inspect your drive belt for signs of wear like cracks, and they’ll also give you fresh transmission fluid. If you have an interior air filter for allergens like pollen and dust, your mechanic will change it at this time. They’ll also inspect your brake lines to ensure they’re still functioning properly with no leaks.
50,000 Miles
By the time your car’s odometer reaches 50,000 miles, there are some other services that you’re going to want to pay attention to. Some of these services will be repeats from other appointments that we’ve already discussed. However, you’ll also want to change your rear differential fluid, and check the expiration date of your car’s tire repair kit if it has one. Otherwise, you’ll also want to replace your windshield wipers if needed, service your battery, and have the battery’s wires cleaned.
75,000 Miles
Around this point, you’ll want to think about some other services for your CR-V, as well as repeating certain services from before. Your mechanic will inspect elements of your vehicle such as the air elements, all of the lighting both inside and out, such as the headlamps, taillamps, and overhead lights, and also inspect your transfer case oil. They will also check on your battery once again, and service your transmission. If needed, they’ll replace your spark plugs, as well as your oil gasket, and air conditioner filter.
100,000 Miles and More!
The 100,000-mile mark is a big milestone for your car! This is a great opportunity to do a full tune-up, and have your mechanic thoroughly inspect your car. As always, your service appointment will include routine maintenance including a tire rotation, wheel alignment, and a replacement of your oil filter. Your mechanic will top off any fluids, and inspect your tires, and your spark plugs. At this point, it may be time to replace them. You should also service your battery, and inspect your tie rod ends, suspension components, and brake lines.

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Are you the proud owner of a Honda CR-V? If so, then it’s important that you do your best to care for your vehicle as best you can. We here at CMA’s Honda of Winchester are here to help! At our dealership, we have an on-site service center staffed by experienced technicians who can help you out with oil changes, tire rotations, and many other services that we didn’t even mention on this list! You can request an appointment right here on our website, or by giving us a call at our dealership here in Winchester. Be sure to ask us about our service specials so that we can help you save at your appointment. We look forward to working with you soon!

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