Honda Accord Service Schedule VA

Honda Accord Service Schedule VA

Honda Accord Service Schedule VA

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Anyone who owns a Honda Accord already knows that these are the kinds of sedans that you never have to worry about. They are reliable, stylish, and always fun to drive. But just like any other vehicle, in order for them to last as long as possible, you need to put in effort when it comes to regular maintenance. To all of our customers, we recommend getting a maintenance schedule routine going for your Accord. While you might not be familiar with what a maintenance schedule is, it’s just a timeline, usually based on mileage, on when you should be getting certain services performed on your Honda Accord. This is going to vary depending on your own driving habits, so remember to always consult with the owner’s manual, along with the certified technicians at our service center. Keep reading down below for a suggested service schedule for your vehicle!

7,500 miles

The first major milestone that we want to point out for you and your Accord happens at around 7,500 miles. Remember, this is going to vary wildly because of your own driving habits, so don’t take this as set in stone. However, you should consider getting all of the fluids replaced or checked to ensure that things continue to run smoothly. You’ll also want the oil changed, along with the oil filter. Don’t forget things like having the tire treads and pressure inspected, a tire rotation, and a brake inspection. No matter what, just having a professional keep an eye on your Accord means that you have someone you can trust checking that there are no major issues that have arisen.

15,000 miles

Another interval that you should consider scheduling an appointment for is at about 15,000 miles. Beyond just focusing on everything we have previously mentioned with 7,500 miles, there is another long list of things that the certified technicians at our service center should perform for your vehicle. Some of these services include replacing spark plugs as needed, replacing windshield wipers, and replace the oil drain gasket and plug. You’ll also want the wheels to be rotated and balanced, the undercarriage inspected, the transmission to be serviced, and an inspection done on all of the exterior lights. It might even be prudent to have a road test done!

30,000 miles

The last major mileage inspection that we want to recommend you to consider is what happens when you hit 30,000 miles. We want you to consider having the battery serviced and completely cleaned, which may include checking to see how the battery holds a charge. You’ll also want a propeller shaft flex coupling inspection, air elements inspection, and a thorough lookover of the fuel linked, fuel tank cap gasket, and connections. Be sure that the wheel bearings stay properly lubricated, and the PCV valve is serviced.

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Are you ready to do everything in your power to take proper care of your Honda Accord? We hope that our certified technicians can answer any questions you may have in the future, and continue to perform to your standards. You and your Accord will be in excellent hands here at CMA’s Honda of Winchester. So, schedule an appointment today, and we’ll be here waiting for you.

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