Back to School Safe Driving Tips

Back to School Safe Driving Tips

Back to School Safe Driving Tips

Kids in school buses, children on foot and bikes, harried parents in cars: Back-to-school days bring congestion and an increase in potential hazards. Fortunately, with Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” concept, Honda Sensing driver-assist system, and a few essential tips, everyone can have peace of mind. Honda aims to have a collision-free society where automobile occupants, motorcycle riders, and everyone can safely share the roads.

Honda’s global safety concept

Honda developed “Honda SENSING,” a driver-assist system using past road accidents. Analysis shows that many fatal road accidents, including pedestrians, are caused by cars straying from their lanes. Honda SENSING operates to detect and take action to avoid situations such as one-car accidents, collisions, pedestrian injuries, and missed road signs. The Honda Insight is a Top Safety Pick+ for 2022. Like the Civic, the Honda Insight is one of the safest Hondas and safest cars you can buy. It gets the same safety ratings as the Civic in every category and is a Top Safety Pick+ for 2022.

Practices Safe Driving in School Zones

As a driver, knowing school zones’ laws and locations is essential. Learning where school zones are along your regular route will help you properly prepare for them by reducing your speed gradually. If you’re unfamiliar with an area and are driving when students are likely to be going to or leaving school, slow down and pay attention to ensure you’re not in a school zone.

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

Honda’s Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System detects pedestrians and boundary lines on side strips to help avoid collisions. When the system forecasts a collision with a pedestrian due to the vehicle straying from the lane toward the side strip, it provides audio and visual warnings to alert the driver. It also turns the steering wheel in another direction to assist the driver’s collision avoidance effort. In addition, the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera detect pedestrians and road lanes, helping to protect pedestrians from accidents.

Stay Safe Around School Buses

School bus drivers must deal with larger-than-normal blind spots and require more time to stop. Always maintain a safe following distance. Keep as much space as possible between your vehicle and the bus in front of you. In traffic, avoid “cutting” in front of a bus. Many bus drivers leave a safe following distance between the bus and the car to ensure a safer environment for passengers. Never pass a stopped school bus. No matter your state, it’s illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped loading or unloading children.

Confidence in Staying on the Road

Honda”s Road Departure Mitigation system will give you peace of mind when bringing your kids to school this year. The Road Departure Mitigation system assists the driver in preventing the vehicle from inadvertently straying off the road. The RDM system operates at speeds above 60 km/h, providing the driver with three types of assistance based on the severity of the circumstance. First, the monocular camera detects the lane boundaries. Then, if the vehicle is likely to stray from a detected lane, the system will give a visual warning on display and vibrations on the steering wheel to alert the driver. Finally, when the vehicle leaves the lane, the system vibrates the steering wheel repeatedly within 1.5 seconds to alert the driver. Then, it applies corrective steering input to bring the car back into the lane.

Honda Insight for Sale Near Me

If you want the added peace of mind that the Honda Sensing driver-assist system brings, head over to CMA Honda of Winchester. We are your local Honda dealer, and we know all there is to know about Honda safety. We proudly offer world-class customer service, quality products, and low prices. We are a family-owned and locally-operated business, and our family-friendly, no-pressure environment reflects that. Honestly, it’s easy to do business at Winchester.

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